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Derick Bielmeier

Derick Bielmeier, Owner/Personal Trainer
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I have been training in the Fox Valley since 1999. Prior to PUSH, I owned and was the sole trainer for Bielmeier Strength & Fitness, which provided in-home training to clients. Working 16-hour days just wasn't making sense so I needed to find a way to save myself time and still provide my clients with the best personal training. In 2011, PUSH Personal Fitness was born.

Clint Broemer

Clint Broemer, Personal Trainer

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Hey PUSH fans and future clients!!! My name is Clint and I am part of the fantastic, hardworking PUSH Personal Fitness team! I'm a Yooper boy originally who moved to the big city of Green Bay back in 2002. That is when I fell in love with fitness! Over the next several years I spent time learning from my surroundings by being in various fitness centers, gyms, and studios. In time I took to training friends and other trainers that would give me the time. Finally in 2009 I decided to pursue Personal Training as a profession. I was given my first opportunity with Anytime Fitness. I obtained my Personal Training Certification through ACE, soon after boosting that to the American College of Sports Medicine. My experience has been everything from elderly rehabilitation to athletic training. In 2011 I took the leap on my own and did in home personal training as well as inventing an outdoor bootcamp called the Wilderness in Door County Wisconsin. 2012 brought me back to Anytime Fitness juggling between managing the DePere, Wisconsin club and training when I had the time. Now I am back in action doing what I love full-time with the extraordinary group here at PUSH! My goal is to build a better more positive attitude so you can lead yourself to the healthy lifestyle and/or body you desire. I'll give you the knowledge and resources you need to succeed. Along with the occasional shoulder to cry on and bucket to puke in :)! If you want it that badly come and let me give you the PUSH you need! If you fail, I failed you. And I don't know anyone that likes to fail!!!

Tammy Ebben, Personal Trainer

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Steve Timmers, Personal Trainer