Your Goal is our goal

PUSH Personal Training sessions are 100% all about you. Your PUSH Personal Trainer will assess your fitness level and then create a workout program that will help you reach your fitness goal.

30-Minute Sessions

A PUSH Personal Trainer will guide you through 30-Minute training sessions. Incorporating various exercises with continuous movement to keep your heart rate in optimal fat burning range.

Never get bored with your workout again

PUSH Personal Trainers are always thinking of new exercises. You will never do the same workout twice.

Success Story

I love the power plate! After 4 c-sections, the power plate has really activated the deeper nerve connections in my core that I thought were gone. The power plate really enhances my core workout and has gotten my post baby body in a good place. I love it!”

- Beth D.

Other Services

No matter what your goal be it weight loss, sport specific or just maintaining your current fitness level. PUSH Personal Fitness is here to help you.

Personal Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Nutrition Programs
  • Corporate Wellness Programs